This Runner Eats, vol 2

In addition to the lovely racing weather @ RTP, another huge running variable came through for me big time that day: my nutrition plan.  I will preface this by saying that I made the mother of all no-nos that day–I tried something new the morning of the race.  I know, I know, I can hear the gasps from the crowd.  However, I constantly struggle with the perfect pre-run / pre-race meal and was desperate to give something else a shot.  The virgin ingredient debuting just hours before the race? Coconut water.  See, that’s not so shocking.  Of all the nutritional curveballs I could have thrown, that one was pretty mild. Lucky for me, it all turned out alright.  Perfect even. 

A fan of protein shakes post-run, I was curious how they would serve me pre-run as well.  I have a pretty unreliable stomach when I run hard, so the idea of an easily digestible breakfast a couple hours before gun time sounded like the perfect Rx.  The problem?  I like a milk-based shake and something told me my sensitive stomach would not appreciate that 3/4 cup of dairy around mile 9.  In walks coconut water.  As neutral on my tummy as regular H20, but with serious hydrating benefits to boot.  My new secret weapon:

12 oz coconut water

1 scoop chocolate whey protein

1 frozen banana

2 oz tart cherry juice

What to do with it all?  Blend.  Enjoy.  Run your ass off.  How easy was that?

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