Warriors, Indeed

Despite 95 degree heat, and squeezing in a 13 miler prior to work the day before, I had a fab time at the Warrior Dash!  I was nervous about injuring myself & trashing my marathon training, but the obstacles were all pretty easy.  Other than my brother-in-law’s toe busting a hole through  his Vibrams, we all survived in one piece.  Due to the heat and the super-slippery course, we ended up walking about 2/3 of the trail, but it was fun none the less.

The best part? Free booze! Several people left their free beer chips on their shoes, which the volunteers allowed anyone with no shame to take.  Aka, anyone willing to dig through the pile of strangers’ muddy shoes.  I was already disgusting so why not? Score.

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One Response to Warriors, Indeed

  1. Congrats on being a warrior! The race sounds so much fun. Too bad on your brother-in-law’s Vibrams, but I’m sure free booze made up for them a little bit??

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